Our Story

We have always prided ourselves on providing affordable rates for those who want to learn how to fly.

Perhaps the reason we have been so successful as a flight school is because we did not initially set out to have a business at all. Instead, in 2003, Long Island Aviators was started by four aviation enthusiast friends who owned one plane together. We were four people from a variety of professional backgrounds and ratings who, like many people, loved to fly, but could not individually afford all the costs of owning a plane by themselves. As we met more people around the airport, we found there were many fellow pilots who, like us, wanted to fly but could not afford all the responsibilities that go along with owning a plane. Throughout the years as our friends and families grew so did our fleet. We bought more planes to not only accommodate our personal love of flying but our ability to rent to those fellow pilots that we met.

Eventually, we started to instruct our family and friends to obtain not only initial ratings, but advanced ratings as well. We have always prided ourselves in providing affordable rates for those who want to learn how to fly. Each of the partners at LIA understands how much time and money is involved in learning how to fly. We have all been down that road. As word has spread about our prices, fairness, and respect, we have nearly doubled the size of our operation in the last 3 years.

Today Long Island Aviators provides instruction for all ratings from primary students through ATP. We have eight planes and an FAA approved simulator in our growing fleet. These planes are meticulously maintained from within the company. After all, we still each fly the most important people in our lives in these planes, ourselves and our families. We would like to invite you to become a member or our Long Island Aviator family.

About Us

Our goal is to provide quality training and technologically advanced aircraft rental at the lowest prices possible.


Team Managers/Owners

Eddy Sosa

Airplane-ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, A&P Mechanic

Peter Clark

Airplane- ATP CFI & MEI Rotorcraft- Commercial(Instrument)

Greg Semendinger

Airplane-Single & Multi engine Commercial (Instrument), A&P Mechanic Rotorcraft-ATP, CFI