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Cessna 172SP Skyhawk G1000



Maximum speed: 168 kn (193 mph; 311 km/h)
Cruise speed (75% power, 8,500 feet): 122 kn (140 mph; 226 km/h) true airspeed
Stall speed (Vso): 47 kn (54 mph; 87 km/h) calibrated airspeed, flaps down
Never exceed speed: 163 kn (188 mph; 302 km/h) indicated airspeed
Minimum control speed: 61 kn (70 mph; 113 km/h) indicated airspeed


Range: 696 nmi (801 mi; 1,289 km) with 45 minute reserve, 55% Power, at 12,000 ft
Service ceiling: 13,500 ft (4,100 m)
Rate of climb: 721 ft/min (3.66 m/s)
Avionics: G1000

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