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(2) Cessna 152



Never exceed speed: 149 kn
Cruise speed
111 kn  true airspeed
Stall speed (Vso): 35 kn (40 mph; 65 km/h) calibrated airspeed, flaps down
Maneuvering Speed 1670 lbs: 104 kn  indicated airspeed
Minimum control speed: 40 kn (46 mph; 74 km/h) indicated airspeed


Range: 477 mi (414 nm, 768 km) 65% pwr @ 5,500 ft with no reserve
Service ceiling: 14,700 ft (4,481 m)
Rate of climb: 715 ft/min (3.6 m/s)
Rate of climb speed: 67 kn (77 mph; 124 km/h)

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